The Food Gatherer's Note: Jamie Oliver's VERY slow cooked beef in a Bloody Mary sauce is a heart warming meal perfect for a gathering.  Beef blade is a Food Gatherer favourite beef cut, economical with bags of flavour. 




1 kg beef blade cubed  
4 small red onions
1 head of celery
small tied bundle of thyme, rosemary and bay leaves
700g passata
1 tablespoon horseradish grated (or horseradish sauce) 
2 tablespoon Worcester sauce
3 tablespoons vodka
1 tablespoon of port
juice of half a lemon

Pre heat the oven to 150ºc

In a small casserole pot add some olive oil and heat.  Meanwhile, season the beef all over,  then add to the pot, turning over every few minutes to seal all over.

Strip the stringy bits off the celery with a peeler and cut into large chunks, peel and quarter the onions and add all to the pot.

Now make the Bloody Mary mix.  Pour into a jug -  700g of passata,  the horseradish,  worcester sauce,  vodka and port,  as well as the lemon juice.

Pour all around and over the beef.  Add a cup of water as well and tuck in the little bundle of herbs.

Scrunch up a piece of greaseproof paper and cover the pot, tucking the ends in.

Now put the pot in the oven and leave for about 5 hours!

The beef should just fall apart - you will only need to rustle up some mash and a dark green side like kale or spring greens and you are set!