Nestled away in Forty Hill, just down the road from Forty Hall Estate is Glebe Nursery, a family run nursery. They mainly supply wholesale perennial plants to landscape gardeners, but one member of the family, Genine Riddell has a passion for growing herbs, veg and alpine plants.

I have always had an interest in growing though, so when I was made redundant, I used the opportunity to set myself up at the nursery.

Genine grows classic kitchen herbs such as sage, rosemary and mint as well as some more unusual varieties including heart-ease miniature violas with edible flowers and golden lemon balm, perfect for planting around the garden to keep the bugs at bay.

Genine cares about what she sells and will only supply plants that are ready to plant outside and all of her plants are grown 'cold' resulting in a good strong plant.

Photos: Emma Lundie /FG Works